The Dangerous Of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Most of people today have been contaminate and become victims by the drugs and alcohol abuse. More than two million people in around the world have been died in the young aged by consumption it, and about 10 percent the global decease the main cause is drugs and alcohol abuse. Drugs and alcohol abuse have no tolerant word to the humans’ life but it on contradictory will continue escort them to the physic, moral, emotion and social destroyed. There are some causes why the drugs and alcohol abuse have a hazardous effect. Nicotine and intoxicating are the substance that is contained by drugs and alcohol abuse.

Nicotine is the material with has a marked physiological effect when taken into the body that is contained by drugs abuse. It will become a dangerous problem for our bodies because people in period of time are using or consume it to press the demoralize and agonize feelings in high doses is used in more frequently than common. For instance many people paranoia, psychosis and people who have any others systemic decease they have to escape on it, or HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, Septicemia are also the other arises deceases as the caused of it, because people in realize or unrealized have to use the hypodermic needle in unsterilized not knowing whether they using it at once. So there are many dangerous dices can be occur or arises as the effect in high doses using of the drugs abuse.

According to dictionary, Intoxicating is the alcohol poison causes someone to lose control of their faculties. This substances actually have the same way of circum or effect when it taken into the body with the nicotine. In average most of people have to consumption it as the ways to lose depress or escape from the complicated problem even though people consume it just for having fan. For example alcohols in the teenager’s life especially when they celebrate the graduation day, most of them have to consume alcohol as the expression of feeling happy in the end they have no control and probably making the stupid things such as free sex, fighting each others and any others. Recently more then thirty peoples Balinese died cause of alcohol poisons. So intoxicating is the hazardous substances which restrict us in shorting period of time for being live in this planet.

In conclusion, it’s obviously that drugs and alcohol abuse have a dangerous effect for body when using it at high doses, because it can be the chemistry reaction which causes someone lose control and make a stupid things or nonsense. As result many people become suffered, contaminated and will be died in the young age by dangerous deceases that is arises of unsafe needle or free sex. So there are no alternative solutions if we don’t like to become the next victim of the illegal things, only say no to tray or use it even we are in the complicated problem.

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