Juvenile Delinquency In Indonesia

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The delinquency is the minor crime that is committed by young people. In most states, young people are considered juveniles until age 18. However, some states set the limit at 16 and 17.The delinquency has become a common crime for the teenager in almost around the world. It is the one of the serious problem for the globalization era that soon must be restrict.

In Indonesia lot of the people in below of the age has become the active smoker, narcotic, free sex, and the actor in criminal. This has included more violent acts, such as murder, which are often related to drugs, gangs or both and any others form of crime that is committed by Juvenile. Recently we have seen on TV and news paper about the fighting between gang of female juvenile in the senior high school. This fact show the increasing of crime that is constructed by Juvenile and of course the bad news about how tragic our nation in next day, because we have to realize that the young people are the substance foundation of our nation.

In reaction there is action. All that of course have some factors which cause them constructed the crime, such as; lack of family attention, lack of parent’s affection, the lack of school controlling role, and any others caused.

Firstly is family role. It is a group constituting of two parents and their children living together as unit. As the small constitute, families role certainly have big influence for the children progress. The personality begins from this unit. Family always the firs place to put the moralities and the religious value for the children. They should be taught at home in formed decision-making processes, For instance; about the sex education. There is no taboo in talking this case at home. The parents have responsible to give some suggest as defensive action in order to they are not going to practice that which refers to free sex. As an unity, between parents and children also must become a team in all period of time. Compromise in finding solution for each problem is needed. consequently, family attention here is essentially for the children grow up process and also as preventive way of the wrong implementation theory.

Feeling fondness is the spiritual need of the human being. In almost period of our life journey affection also have influence in physiology envelopment of the children until they become mature to make the self decision. The children still need many lesson from the parents about what is they allow to do and what is doesn’t, because they don’t know exactly the effect of what they have done.

School controlling. In the school which instruction is given in particular discipline. Recently we just have seen that lot of students bound in crime action just because of unsatisfied feelings of the government decision in particularly about national examination system. Here the school controlling has held an important role. This unit (school) must give them a lesson with actual written case studies featuring current topics, issues, and events. Each case is written to develop one or more decision-making skills that could help them achieve goals.it helps student in acquire knowledge and skills needed to carry out their responsibilities and rights. I believe, as far the school controlling running well, students could be more wise on making the stupid things such as delinquency and any others crime that is created by juvenile.

Additionally, the cause of crimes which is committed by adults or juveniles in Indonesia are various and diverse. I suppose, there are still many other reasons about how it rising up to them,such as; free relationship, global life style (westernize), internet and so on. Moreover, It could be solve only if all system having high participant in preventive act and find the solution.


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