Keep Saving Your Friendship

Friendship always begins with meeting someone along the path of life. Someone you get to know, and gradually get to know even better. It always like when two people, know each others well enough to know. Friendship is a commitment, loyalty, strength, and also a comfortable place to our life. And this is the inert part of being friendship that we have to keep save as the key of friendship it self.

Friendship is a commitment because to be together with some one for along the path of our life is not easy like when we have to imagine in our mind. The real action of a friend to be keep saves always a commitment in all the condition without demand for repayment of our service.

Loyalty is one of important part that is determining our relationship will be long or not. The state of being loyal is kind of a strong filling of support to our friends. We know that friend is always be encourage people when we are in the sadness, sorrow and event when we are be nothing friend is always come as the goddess rescuer.

Strength is the emotional support of being strong. The friendship will keep save if each others that are being part of it, have a emotional support to each others because friend can be one of source strength for each others. It’s like sunshine when you are need warmth. Friendship is source strength to you to get love, like some one who offers price and never pressure or someone there is always there to talk to when you need to talk.

Friendship is a comfortable place for you to opening up to one another. Because when we have a complicate problem or secret problem friend are always the first person and a suitable place to sharing or put out for all the things in our heart and to find the good solution. Friendship here is like the pillow for you to use to rest your head and relax your body.

So there is some ways to keep our friendships getting long but you have to thing that in our life friends are always a special people who accept each others with only requirement is that you be your self. You can say what ever in your mind and do what ever you feel like doing never have to worry because friendship is not based on your perfection but on respect and acceptance.


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